Feb 13,2020

Elixir of Life? Close enough.

Elixir of Life? Close enough.

It’s about time the most underrated superfood present in our diets starts getting the credit it’s due. When God decided to make the Earth and all its beings, He clearly decided to put the most in our scaly, little and at times, not so little sea dwellers. Considering how readily fish is available in Pakistan, it baffles nutritionists how it still is not a common part of our diets. From the abundance of options available such as Heera, Paplet, Mushka, Cod, Sole, Surmai and the countless reasons to do so, here are some reasons why you should have it in your diet ASAP!

Rich in Vitamin D

Considered one of the best sources of this nutrient. According to experts, Vitamin D is extremely important in calcium absorption and bone development. Fish should be an important aspect of diet during a person’s early years.

Reduces the risks of autoimmune diseases

Something to worry about in the longer run, a study has shown how the high levels of Vitamin D can reduce the chances of Type 1 Diabetes as it facilitates immunity and glucose metabolism.

It can help you sleep better

This one’s for all the insomniacs reading this, don’t you ever wish you could just sleep a decent 8-hour sleep for once? To actually be well-rested and energetic when you wake up and not just go on survival mode drowning in caffeine? Studies have shown consuming fish in your regular diet can aid your sleep due to the high concentration of Vitamin D in present.

Helps you fight acne

Tired of blowing money on expensive skin treatments and disgusting home remedies? Well, one cheaper alternative would be including fish in your diet. One of the many benefits of fish oil is that it helps in the clearing and moderating oil access of your skin.

Increases concentration span and aids focus

So...um….well…..For adolescents, fish has proven to help focus better. Definitely one for those moms who can’t get their kids to complete a task. A study has shown that adolescents who had fatty fish in their diets tended to perform better with focus based tasks and could pay attention longer than their counterparts.

Reduces chances of cancer

According to one study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, including fish in your regular diet has resulted in subjects having a lower risk of digestive cancers compared to those who don’t have fish. 

Protects your heart

Fish has proven to be a natural solution for those who are weak at heart, and by that we mean it REALLY helps. Not just fighting against one but the different nutrients in fish tackle major heart issues such as strokes, heart failures, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Omega 3, found abundantly in fish helps regulate cholesterol in the body and keeps your heart pumping. 

Improves your vision

You have to see this fact, the brain and the eyes are heavily concentrated in omega 3 fatty acids and where is it abundantly found? Yes, the fatty acids present in fish can help maintain and reduce issues such as strained eyes and potentially even migraines.

Assists PMS symptoms

This one’s for the ladies reading this, a study published by Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology, having fish in your diet heavily reduces PMS symptoms due to Omega 3 present. The fatty acids aid in blood flow throughout the body and decrease inflammation during the menstrual cycle.

Speeds up metabolism and is lean meat

Doesn’t matter if you’re a gym freak or just someone with the intention of remaining fit, fish is the answer to your queries. Fish is considered the leanest of all the meat groups since it possesses a high concentration of protein, the only difference is it does not contain the high amounts of saturated fats found in other meat groups. Along with that Omega 3 has been proven to aid your metabolism especially in females.